Choosing Carpet and Carpet Care

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Choosing Carpet can be more complicated than you may think. It is a substantial investment so you want to make sure that you pick the right carpet for your home or business and learn how to properly maintain it.

Choosing Carpet

Some aspects to consider:


They say location is key and this is also true when it comes to your carpet. If you are looking for carpet for a high traffic location, you may want a darker color that is easier to maintain especially if there are children and pets in your home. In a less frequented room a light colour carpet may be acceptable.

Location will also determine the material of your carpet as you will want a more durable choice in high traffic areas. This is probably the most important consideration when it comes to choosing carpet.


As mentioned, if you are placing the carpet in a high traffic location, you may consider choosing a darker option as white would not be easy to maintain.

You will also need to consider the size of the room when deciding on the color. Small rooms can be made to seem larger with a lighter color carpet, while a larger room may look better and cozier with a medium to dark color carpet.

It’s recommended to bring swatches of the fabrics and colors that are used in the room in order to pick out the right color to coordinate.


There are a few different materials to choose from, which you should decide based on your needs for the room:

Nylon – Nylon is an incredibly durable material for carpets and is also highly resilient and easy to maintain. This is a great choice if you have children and pets or just looking for a durable option for a high traffic location.
Triexta – This is a relatively new material that is partially created from corn sugar. Triexta has high quality and anti-staining properties to it, which unlike nylon that needs to be treated several times for this, comes naturally with this type of material. It is a resilient material but it has not been around long enough to know if this material will hold up against Nylon in the long-term.
Polyester – Polyester is a stain resistant material that offers an incredibly soft and luxurious feel. It comes in a variety of vibrant colours. This material is very difficult to clean and maintain, has a tendency to shed and is not as durable as a material like nylon. If you have pets, children or are looking for a high traffic room, this is not ideal for you.
Olefin – Olefin is an inexpensive material that is strong and can resist fading. It is not as durable as nylon, however it has a good resistance to stain, static and mildew. This is a popular choice for high maintenance areas like play rooms and family rooms.

choosing carpet - riverina tradies


This is an important consideration when picking out carpets. The carpet padding gives a foundation for your carpet, making it stronger and more supportive. This can also give you more comfort when walking on the carpet.

It may be tempting to buy cheap padding because you do not think that it is important, however this would be a mistake. You will need to pick the right padding for the carpet you are purchasing and the professional that you buy from can help you pick the right one.

Carpet Care

After you pick the right carpet, you will want to properly maintain it. You can do this by vacuuming on a regular basis and treat stains as they happen. You can blot clean on the spot immediately to help prevent staining. There are different methods that you can find online to help get these stains up without too much harsh chemical use.

If a stain cannot be removed by any other method, you should consider getting a professional to clean your carpet. It is also wise to get a professional carpet cleaner in every now and again to help deep clean your carpet. Deep cleaning can help extend the life of your carpet and can even help relieve allergies by really getting all of the dust and grime up.

You paid a lot for this investment, you will want to keep it in good repair and a professional carpet cleaner can help you with that.

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