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Air Conditioning & Heating

Air Conditioning & Heating specialists help property owners to plan for, purchase, install and maintain efficient heating and cooling solutions for your home or business. They inspect, fix, maintain and replace faulty systems in order to boost comfort, lower electricity bills, eliminate frequent breakdowns and maintain consistently clean air. They can also offer pre-purchase advice and system recommendations to property owners, resulting in the purchase and installation of quality ventilation, cooling and heating systems. Air Conditioning & Heating services may include:
  • Free or low-cost consultations on systems
  • Installation, inspections, maintenance, repair and replacement of heating and cooling systems
  • Free estimates on Furnace installation, inspections, maintenance and repair, or replacement of furnace parts
  • Evaporative cooler installation, inspection, repair and maintenance
  • System specific evaluations, upgrades and repairs
  • Reverse cycle systems and their maintenance
  • Thermostat controlled zoning for rooms
  • Duct-work cleaning, reconfigurations (remodels), repair and replacements
  • Custom duct-work design and installation
  • Special furnace tune-ups for summer and winter
  • Heating, cooling and plans for new buildings
  • Indoor and outdoor heating and cooling
  • Planned filter change agreements
  • Planned service agreements for Air Conditioning & Heating units
Choosing the right business for your heating and cooling needs will ensure that your systems can run smoothly and cost-effectively for years. Therefore, before you make your choice it is a good idea to do some homework. You could speak to your acquaintances and find out if they can recommend some contractors. Moreover, you can check online forums, reviews and websites, and to enquire from real estate companies and property builders if they have a specialist to recommend. Traits to look for with Air Conditioning & Heating experts:
  • Be trained, certified, licensed, experienced and reputable
  • Be available 24/7, especially for emergencies
  • Have proof of adequate liability insurance and workers compensation insurance
  • Have protective drop cloths and shoe covers
  • Handle all the permits needed in the job
  • Have all the tools, equipment and resources needed for the job
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