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Builders: New Homes, Renovations & Repairs

Builders coordinate and work on the construction of new homes or commercial buildings as well as perform renovations, extensions and repair work. Additionally they manage the project itself by organising subcontractors (other tradesmen) such as plumbers, electricians and so on to complete their relative work whilst ensuring that it all meets industry and government regulations. Builder services may include:
  • Construction of new buildings, both for commercial and private homes
  • Repair and renovations of already existing buildings
  • Interpreting or organising for plans to be drawn that meet building regulations and client requests
  • Submitting plans to local council and organising required inspections
  • Installing shelves, other fittings and finishing
  • Skirting and architraves
  • Construction of decks and porches
Building a new home or undergoing an extension or renovation is an exciting and at the same time challenging project. Here are 5 tips on what you should look for when hiring a builder?
  • Compile a list - Put together a list with the possible contractors in your area. This will make easier for you to make a decision since you will be sure of the builders you are considering.
  • Look for testimonials - If you can, talk to people you know who have recently used their services and find out what they have to say. If this isn't an option try reading through online reviews, preferably on directory websites where the reviews are verified.
  • Go for the established businesses - A well established business has experience in the field. Such a builder has great knowledge and purchasing power of the resources required to offer you quality services. You should consider the number of projects successfully completed by them and ensure they offer warranties
  • Your budget - You should go for those who are within your budget. Some charge more while others charge less. Be wary of those who will charge you too little; they may have other hidden charges. Before settling on a builder make sure you know exactly what is covered by the project’s quotation. This way you will get the full value for money.
  • The time needed to complete the project - Look for a realistic time frame, do not be deceived by builders who promise to finish the project too soon. Some will just say this to please you while others will construct poor buildings trying to beat the deadline.
A builder should also advise you here and there. Before you even start the project he/she should help you choose the right fittings. You should also visit some of the projects the builder has done and see the quality of fittings and finishing used. Helpful links and related articles:
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