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Car Detailing

Car detailing entails cleaning, restoring and finishing both the interior and exterior parts of an automobile (cars, trucks, boats etc.) in order to produce a good look and provide long-term protection. This task is normally carried out by experienced tradesmen using special tools.

Car detailing services may include:

  • Exterior trim - They will apply a polish or related compound on parts that show signs of oxidation. Plastic sealants can be used to protect such surfaces against further fading and cracking. The exterior trim service also trims the exhaust pipes among other areas.
  • Interior derailing - This covers such as cleaning the carpets, the plastic surfaces, leather seating surfaces and many more using steam cleaners or by shampooing. This service is not only limited to the passenger area but can as well be extended to cover the trunk area.
  • Wheels and chassis - Your car’s chassis should be cleaned just like the rest of the exterior parts. There are many areas of the car that are under the chasses and behind the wheels which cannot easily be seen. These parts should be cleaned using special tools before a protective coating is applied which will assist in improving the luster while also protecting those parts of the car from corrosion.
  • Engine - The engine is one of the most important aspects of motor vehicle detailing. The engine bay may need to be wiped clean using special material before comprehensive cleaning is done. After this is completed, silicone and plastic parts will need to be dressed properly so as to avoid unnecessary cracking.
  • Painting - Repainting a car is a delicate thing and it’s imperative that it be done by an experienced professional. The procedures that are carried out are aimed at cleaning, correcting and applying paint on the surface. Car detailing and spray painting technicians understand what their trade entails and will exercise diligence to ensure that your car looks at its best.

When you want to seek the services of a Car detailing professional, here are a few things to look out for.

  • The features you want - If you are in need of custom car detailing services, you should shop around and find a technician who offers them. However, if what you want is a general service that is offered by most service providers, you will not find it hard finding the right professional.
  • Pricing - Car Detailing experts charge various rates for their services. However, this should not mean that you are paying expensively for the service. Look for a service provider who can assure you of value for your money. Those who charge the least amount may not always be the best.
  • Qualified - Have all the tools, equipment and resources needed for the job

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