Cleaners: Carpet, Tile & Upholstery Cleaning

All carpets, whether in your office or in your home, can quickly collect dirt, allergens, bacteria and dust mites, which can trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions. Although these contaminants are usually not always visible on the carpet’s surface, they can actually pollute the air that you and your family breathe daily in your home. Your carpet is also subject to wear and tear due to the grit and soil that accumulates in your carpet which damage its fibers and as a result cause it to wear prematurely.

Carpet cleaning professionals use a wide variety of cleaning techniques and products to safely remove harmful grit, dirt, and health threatening pollutants without leaving any sticky, dirt attracting residue. They can also remove all carpet odours and most carpet stains, whether it is pet stains, wine stains or even ink stains. They will identify the different the kind of stains and fibers. They then determine and use the best stain removal process to remove the stain in your carpet and deliver the best possible result.

At Riverina Tradies our professional carpet cleaners offer a wide range of carpet cleaning services including but not limited to the following::

  • Steam cleaning (hot water extraction)
  • Pressure washing of tiles, paving or concrete flooring
  • Steam cleaning of fabric lounges & furniture, curtains and mattresses

Tips On Choosing A Carpet Cleaning Business:

  • Check if they are insured, bonded and licensed – You’ll have to select a carpet cleaning business that’s licensed, bonded and insured so that you can ensure the much needed security and safety. A reliable company will handle all your furniture and household appliances with great accountability.
  • Trade certified - Carpet cleaning is a specialised trade and as such there`re several trade associations that carpet cleaning business could be affiliated with. If a carpet cleaning business belongs to one or more of these associations then you know that they will be able to offer you high quality carpet cleaning services.
  • Experience - The years of experience a carpet cleaning business has, combined with formal-training programs, contribute significantly to the proficiency and experience its employees.
  • Environment-friendly cleaning methods - It's an advanatge if you can select a carpet cleaning business that uses non-toxic or biodegradable cleaning solutions and competent carpet cleaners will not use equipment or solutions which leave unwanted residue on carpets.
  • Ask if they guarantee their work - This will help you a lot later in case you are not happy with the quality of work the carpet cleaners offered. If they`re legitimate they`ll completely stand behind their work, their employees, and their name - no questions asked.
  • Ask about included services - The advertised price you see when shopping for carpet cleaning businesses is normally just a base price. Additional services such as cleaning stairs will cost more, and you should know what these other costs might be.