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A plasterer is a professional who applies plaster to ceilings, partitions, walls for enhancement or functional purposes. Plasterers may work on new buildings or carry out repairs on an existing ones. They use plaster, cement, sand and other materials on their projects.

Plasterers services may include:

  • Plastering for new homes, buildings and renovations
  • Solid wall plastering - applying wet finishes to walls and ceilings
  • Shop fit outs
  • Partitioning - dividing a space for privacy reasons or to increase space
  • Decorative plastering - applying finishes and designs on ceilings or walls to add character or beauty to a room
  • Plaster repairs - Plasterers also do repairs on ceilings and walls to fix flakes or cracks. They normally advise on the best technique based on the extent of damage and type of plaster
  • Restoring walls and ceilings
  • Applying a new finish to a wall or ceiling
  • Carrying out plaster maintenance work
  • Removing or applying skimming on and ceilings
  • Applying cement or sand to walls

Before choosing Plasterers, know what you want and do your homework to ensure that you choose a business who meets your needs and preferences, as choosing the right one can make all the difference.

Listed below are some factors to keep in mind to ensure that you choose the best Plasterers:

  • Experience - You need to choose a professional who will do a good job. Choosing a business who has at least several years experience in the industry is more likely to achieve this as they have most likely worked on various projects and has perfected his/her skills. In addition an experienced professional knows what works on different situations and what does not.
  • Skills - The right tradesman should have a wide range of skills. From doing repair works, wall skimming, ornamental plastering, etc., the ideal plastering expert should be highly skilled and knowledgeable about his trade.
  • Cost - You want to hire a business you can afford. Do your research and get quotes from different ones. Compare them and choose the most competitive plasterer keeping quality of work, experience, availability and reliability in mind
  • Availability - Some plasterers are busy throughout the year. When choosing one, make sure that they will not put you on queue for weeks on end. The ideal business should be able to avail themselves when you need them, or let you know if they are busy so you can look elsewhere.
  • Quality work - You obviously want value for your money. Choose a professional with a successful track record. Look at online reviews and testimonials to help you choose a quality tradesman. In addition you can ask friends and relatives to refer you to any reputable businesses they know or have worked with before.
  • Membership Associations - Choosing a business who is a member of one or more industry associations is ideal when possible. Associations ensure that members are following industry standards to provide clients with quality service
  • Warranty - Some tradesmen provide warranties on their service. Choose a business who can offer you a reasonable warranty.

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