Smash Repair & Panel Beating

Looking for Smash Repair & Panel Beating services? Look no further than Riverina Tradies. Smash Repair & Panel Beating professionals deal with the repair and restoration of a motor vehicle to its factory state after a collision or any other form of automobile mishap. Panel beating and smash technicians employ various methods such as shrinking, stretching, sanding, realignment and spray painting among others to help them achieve their final objective. They can provide a range of services including: taking care of scratches, dents and other forms of damage which may have been inflicted on your vehicle, proper inspection of your vehicle to determine what kind of service is required, working with insurance companies, they may provide clients with a courtesy car if needed, collision, car accident, smash repair work, professional body aligment, expert colour matching for damaged paint, towing and roadside rescue, spray painting, dent removal and panel beating.