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A welder is responsible for cutting, shaping, arranging and combining different metals using a number of welding processes. They are also responsible for repairing and fixing metal parts, as well as grinding and soldering materials. Their expertise is required in a number of industries, including construction, engineering, metal furniture production and automobile.

Welders and Welding services may include:

  • Structural aluminum and steel fabrication
  • Ornamental and decorative fabrication
  • Repair of patio furniture
  • Drilling and punching holes in metals
  • Making and repairing residential and commercial railings
  • Safely welding steel gas lines and pipes
  • Welding cast iron
  • Repair of heavy equipment and machinery
  • On-site welding of utility pipes and damaged flanges, valves and hubs
  • Cutting, shaping and welding metals for use on balconies and stairs
  • Welding burglar bars and AC cages
  • Designing and making custom fire pits, smokers, yard art, TV mounts and TV brackets
  • Customised metalwork, including mailboxes, signs, names, metal sculptures, and wine racks

Welding obviously requires a lot of skill, creativity and expertise so choosing the right Welder for your job is vital. The following tips will help you to choose a business who will understand your needs and deliver the best product and service:

  • Experience - Welding is one of those careers that require a lot of practice in order to attain perfection. Therefore, it is usually better to work with people who have a lot of experience. This is especially the case in customised fabrication and metalwork. When looking for a welder, it is important to ask them for their portfolio or pictures of work that they have done in the past. This will help you to decide whether the particular welder is best suited to handle your project.
  • Creativity - There are some services that are pretty straightforward and that do not require any creativity. However, there are others that require a lot of skill and ingenuity. For example, a welder who has been asked to fabricate decorative or ornamental metalwork must be very creative. A portfolio can reveal just how creative they are, and this will help you to decide whether they are best suited for the job.
  • Equipment used - The equipment they use can determine the outcome of the job. A good welder should use high quality equipment that will ensure quality results.
  • Price - Price is a factor to consider, though it should not be more important than quality. When comparing businesses, look at providers who have similar credentials and expertise and choose from there. This way, they will get a high quality product or service at a reasonable price.

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