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Suppyling custom kitchens and custom timber furniture.

Modern kitchens / Custom Kitchens / Furniture / Custom Furniture / Wooden Gift ware Items

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  1. As soon as we paid deposit $8000, Matt Smith disappeared. We have been going through the court for a year. We have met some other people who have the same problem with MHM and its Matt Smith.

  2. We paid a deposit of $3300 to Matt Smith at MHM Cabinet makers. After making the deposit we have heard from Matt twice in over 4 months to tell us ‘he is out of phone reception’. We have received nothing for our payment. Matt does not answer our calls or return our messages. We currently have proceeded to take legal action against Matt and MHM as he still will not contact us to tell us when he will be doing our kitchen.

  3. Matt is very unreliable, unprofessional & we went through a terrible experience with him. After many months with no kitchen & awful communication we had paid him $14,000 deposit and no kitchen. Our kitchen was promised to us 6 weeks after deposit paid. We had a 5 month old & 2 &1/2 year old at the time. It was a really hard time.
    We heard a lot of excuses & caught him out lying many times.
    I have never delt with someone so unprofessional in my life, he would tell us what we wanted to hear to our face and never follow through.
    After us persisting he eventually put our kitchen in.
    It has been made to a very poor standard, the quality is not there and it’s pretty much falling apart, we believe he has used off cuts & old bits and pieces. He has damanged our roof with the bulkhead pulling away.
    He told us he would make sure our kitchen was perfect as my husband is in the field. It is far from perfect, he has no eye for detail.
    He came back for a QA & promised to fix but has never returned & will not answer emails, phone calls or texts.
    Unfortunately this isn’t even the half of what we have gone through with him.
    In our contract we were also supposed to be getting a bathroom vanity which we have never seen.
    Please do not go through him, he is a fraud.
    We will be taking legal action & we hope no one else goes through this.
    If I could rate him 0 stars I would.

  4. Hi
    MHM or Matt is a very poor operator. He took my $2500 deposit and then never heard from him. I have been following the DBDRV process after informing HiPages (where I found him) of the issues. They were as supportive as they could be and took his business down. I’ve been following this for almost a year. Clearly his is not worth doing business with and he has done this kind of thing before, we are finding out now. He is extremely helpful until he receives his 50% deposit and then boom, you never here from him. He is giving tradespeople a bad name. Never do business with him. I couldn’t rate him a zero! Hence the one.

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