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At Versatile Construction Group, we are locally owned and operated

I’m not going to bore you with the same old clinical approach like every other building/construction business that ‘’showcases’’ how good the company is and what we can do. Instead I would like to talk first about how I have evolved in starting Versatile Construction Group Pty Ltd and what sets us apart from the rest!!

From a young age, I used to challenge myself in building things out of next to nothing. In my eyes, I could visualise the finished product. I also had a burning desire to help people to complete their odd jobs which gave me great satisfaction whether I got paid for it or not.

I still thrive on and have the burning desire to help people in sticky situations. That’s why I have started Versatile Construction Group Pty Ltd I have found over the 17 years that I have been in the building and construction industry time after time the client would say to me “that was quick’’ or “I didn’t expect you to even turn up. “I’ve rang 5 other businesses and you’re the only one that has turned up” or I would get “Your probably not interested it’s only a small job type scenario ” those comments alone made me realise that so many people were being neglected within the industry so many tradesmen are forgetting what service should be provided and go on to chase “Bigger and better things” And forget about providing a reliable, dependable and honest service where people are screaming out to get things done and it seems no one is listening.

At Versatile Construction Group, we are locally owned and operated and are tailor made to suit everyone’s individual needs in the building industry in Wagga Wagga and surrounding areas. We provide a broad range of services from the smallest job to the biggest possible dream. We pride ourselves on client satisfaction and solid working relations with all involved from start to finish. We are ever expanding to meet the clients demands and needs in the industry, and with the great knowledge and experience we have at versatile, be assured that your experience will be easy and exciting. We love a challenge and are also very passionate and helpful even if it’s just a simple question.

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Po box 8787 Wagga Wagga NSW 2650
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