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For Tradies


Pricing ranges from $25-$90/year per listing (including gst). For full listing options and inclusions, please visit the list your business page.

There are many factors that boost your websites ranking on search engines (google, bing etc.) and one of those factors is how many links you have pointing to your website, these are called backlinks.

In short, if another website links to yours obviously there is value to it, so the more links you have (as long as they are relevant and of good quality) the more “points” so to speak you score with search engines.

If one of the reasons you are listing your website on directory websites like ours is for this purpose, you need to be mindful that most directory sites add what is called a “nofollow” code to their links which strips you of that extra “point” with search engines; essentially making it pointless (for that purpose anyway).

Our website however does not add the “nofollow” code to website links within listings so you can be assured you are getting a quality backlink from our website to yours.

So yes, listing on our site gives you an extra point to help go towards your search engine ranking.

Contact forms appear on paid listings only. In order for submissions to be emailed to the business owner, the listing must be claimed and therefore owned by the business. Until then the contact form remains hidden.

To claim your listing, simply go to your business’ listing page and click the Claim it Now! link as shown in the screenshot below.

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All listings require our approval before publication to ensure they meet with our terms and conditions. If there are any problems with your listing you will be notified, otherwise it will be published within 1-3 business days.

Once published you will be sent an an email notification.


If an annual subscription is created on the 15th of February, the next payment will be due on the 15th February the following year and so on.

Failed recurring payments will be retried automatically. By default, the subscription payment will be retried 5 times over 7 days.

If payment still fails, your listing will be cancelled.

At Riverina Tradies we have no lock-in contracts so you can cancel at any time, just log in to your My Account area and within the “subscriptions” tab you can manage your subscription/s and cancel from there.

Please note: If you do cancel and later decide to re-list your business please be aware that listings are ordered both by listing package and by the date purchased, so if you cancel your listing you will lose your position for a lower one when you re-list.

Managing Your Listing

Some Basic Listings have been added to our site for free to improve the user experience for customers.

If one of these belongs to your business and you would like to make changes to your listing, you are required to claim the listing and purchase it; we will not make changes on your behalf. Alternatively you can contact us to request removal.

If a listing has already been created for you, to claim it simply go to your business’ listing page and click the Claim it Now! link as shown in the screenshot below.

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From there you can include your business details, description, photos and other helpful information for your customers.

One of the main ways we can offer such affordable subscription packages is by giving businesses access to our site to manage their own listings which substantially reduces our workload.

Managing your listing is quite easy and there’s plenty of information within this page to help guide you. If you still have any questions or concerns though, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If your listing has been claimed you can simply log in to our site (via the menu on top right hand corner):

Select My Listings from the dropdown menu then on the following screen, find the listing you wish to update and click edit… Easy Peasy!

Yes, but to do so you will require a manual change to your subscription that we will perform for you to ensure you don’t lose your position in the directory. Email us at and we can be of assistance.

For Customers

Using the website

Simply click the Log In link via the menu on top right hand corner:

You can refine the listings by using the Location filter and selecting your town (or nearby towns if you’re in a small/remote area). The results will be narrowed to only show listings where the tradies have specifically said they service these town/s. As we cover the whole of the Riverina, this is the quickest method to finding a tradie local to you.

Using the above method will not display listings that are under our free or basic listing subscription. So if you want to see even more results, you will have to go through all listings within your chosen category.

Business Reviews

Find the business you would like to leave a review for either by selecting them through the directory or do a direct search.

Under their business description you will find an online form to leave your review. (see screenshot below)

All reviews require approval (usually within 1-3 business days) before they are published to ensure they meet with our terms.

rate and review screenshot

Review Guidelines:

Reviews are fantastic in helping others choose the best tradie for their job. So if you’ve had a great experience with a tradie, support them and help other customers by leaving a review!

If you feel you need to leave a negative review, you must include in your comments what steps you took to try and resolve your issues.

Any reviews that fail to comply with our terms of use, are intentionally defaming, abusive or simply deemed inappropriate will not be published.

All reviews require approval before they are published to ensure they meet with our terms; this usually occurs within 1-3 business days.

If your review fails to meet with our terms and conditions it will simply be deleted, no follow-ups are provided.

If you wish to make a formal complaint about a business, we encourage you to deal with the business or appropriate authority (such as Fair Trading) directly.

If you have received a review on your business listing that you wish to dispute you can do so on the Review Disputes Page.

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