Online advertising & why you (including tradies!) can no longer ignore it

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Online Advertising

When businesses say no to online advertising it’s often for one of three reasons:

1 – “I don’t need to advertise, I have plenty of work already
2 – “I’m already advertising via traditional methods
3 – “I don’t have the budget to advertise

All 3 are legitimate answers but no matter what your circumstances, in 2017 you simply can’t afford not to advertise online, no matter what your situation or industry.

As a company offering online advertising we realise this article is somewhat self-serving, but that doesn’t change the facts that online advertising is now a must have for all businesses. Here’s why:

1 – I don’t need to advertise, I have plenty of work already

If you’re really busy (which is great by the way!), advertising can often be overlooked and sometimes even considered unnecessary. After all you’re already busy, so why spend money on advertising?

Thing is, even if you have long time loyal customers and a well-known name, if you don’t maintain your awareness, your customers are only seeing your competition and in this faced-paced world they could just forget about you and go with them.

One thing that’s for certain in the trade industry is you can be busy right now, maybe even for the next few months, but things can always shift without warning. By maintaining regular advertising you’re ensuring that you are always at forefront of people’s minds so when they do need you, they will remember you!

You’re also improving your chances of getting through the normal peaks & troughs of business more comfortably. If you wait till you’re quiet to advertise, you’ve left it too late.

But don’t take my word for it; just take a look at any well-known business like Bunnings, Harvey Norman, Maccas etc. Obviously business is booming yet they are consistently advertising… which contributes to their long term success.

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This is one of many reasons our website was created, so tradesmen like you could advertise year round and maintain your market presence without having to spend thousands to do so… not even close!


2 – I’m already advertising via traditional methods

That’s great! As despite what many online advertising salesmen will argue; both digital and traditional forms of advertising are of value, just in different ways.

One thing most will agree on though is traditional media is no longer king and for some brands is actually on its way out (cough) yellow pages book (cough cough).

With the rise of the internet and being able to pick and choose what we see, radio, tv and print ads just aren’t reaping the rewards they used to.

They can still be made more effective though when used in conjunction with digital methods.

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With more and more people working, socialising and living online, even without discussing the added advantages of online advertising, its indisputable that digital media has become king and is the new must have.

A few further points to consider:

  • The majority of people will research a business online before they contact them
  • If you don’t have an online presence, for many customers you simply don’t exist
  • With being online ingrained in our lives now, if you don’t have a solid online presence people can actually doubt your professionalism and/or authority in your industry.

Riverina Tradies offer’s businesses a way to get online with a professional looking listing that provides all the info a client will need including contact details and an online contact form. No wasting time phoning call centres as you can set-up and manage your listing yourself,  you could literally be online within minutes! 

Find more info on how our website works and how to manage your listing on our FAQ page.

3 – I don’t have the budget to advertise

Conversely, perhaps business is slow so paying the electricity bill has a much higher priority than investing in advertising.

You need work to make money but first you need money to advertise so you can get work! It’s one of the most frustrating chicken and egg scenarios there is!

In these cases despite it being difficult, the worst thing you can do is no advertising at all. If you do nothing, nothing will change. 

chicken and egg

The good news is… online advertising is very affordable!

One huge benefit that businesses have these days is access to online advertising, you’re no longer restricted to traditional (and EXPENSIVE) advertising methods any more. Not only is online advertising more affordable but its proven to be significantly more effective.

This is yet another reason our website was created; to provide tradesmen with an affordable online advertising medium. On top of that, our directory is specific only to tradies and is locally based and targeted, making it even more valuable.

No gimmicks, complications or unnecessary bells & whistles – Our straightforward packages range from $6 to $25/month with no extra fees or lock-in contracts.

You literally can’t afford to ignore what’s going on any longer because your savvy competitors aren’t. Make the change before you have to & get online before you get left behind!

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