Negative Reviews

If your business listing has received a negative review you can dispute it by completing the following form. Before doing so, please review the relevant terms and conditions below.

Review Dispute Form

  • Please provide name of the person who wrote the review in question

Review Terms & Conditions

Negative Reviews:

  • If a negative review is received the author will be reminded of and requested to agree (via email) to the terms and conditions of this website before it will be published.
  • We will always attempt to send a courtesy email to the listing owner when negative reviews are received but we are under no obligation to do so. If you wish to dispute a review you can do so here on the review disputes page.
  • Dispute submissions will be considered once and all decisions are at the sole discretion of Riverina Tradies and are final. The business listing owner and review author will be given the opportunity to discuss the matter further privately but if either party refuses, contact details will not be provided.
  • Review disputes are usually reviewed within 2-3 business days and you will be notified via email of the outcome.
  • Although content is moderated and review disputes considered by Riverina Tradies, we are under no obligation to anyone to oversee, monitor or moderate same and we may stop moderating at any time.

If you would like to read this section in its entirety, please go to section 
20. “Customer Ratings and Reviews” on the terms and conditions page.