Tips for Choosing Tradesmen

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Choosing Tradesmen

Finding the right tradesman for your job is not always easy. There are many tradies offering services out there and they all generally claim to be the best. To make a wise selection when choosing tradesmen you should look out for several factors.

Get Recommendations

Do you have a friend or neighbour who has enlisted the services of a tradesman recently? Word of mouth can be a useful source of names of potential professionals. Be sure to find out what they like (and dislike) about the tradesman.

Read Online Reviews

Knowing someone that has recently hired the particular type of tradie you need is not always possible which is where online reviews can come in handy. You can see first hand what other customers thought of them and how they rated their product/service.

For this reason online reviews are incredibly helpful and why its also a feature of our website. So after you do hire a tradie, be sure to leave them an online review!

Are they licensed & certified?

Being licensed is a requirement for most trades and having a licence means the tradesman can certify that their work complies with all relevant standards, codes and regulations. They also hold insurance that protects you (the consumer) in the case of any defective work.

Don’t shy from asking for proof and you can also verify the licence with the respective authorities. In NSW you can check licences via Service NSW and in Victoria you can check with the Victoria Building Authority (VBA).

It may also be important to go for an individual who holds certification from a recognised body. Certification is typically viewed as commitment by the provider to acquire the highest training levels in the field, and can translate into professionalism & quality service delivery. For example, the Master Builders Association,  Master Plumbers Association, Master Electricians Australia and so on.

choosing tradesmen - riverina tradies

Look for experience

In general, it’s better to hire someone who has been providing their services for some timethan one who’s just joined the field. An experienced tradesmen will have worked on many projects in many homes and are able to look at your project, get the necessary tools and give you quality work. In saying that, many years of training and education are required before a tradesmen is even qualified so new businesses are fully capable; just more experience is an advantage.

Ask for a quote

Cost is usually a key factor of consideration when selecting a tradesman and fees may vary based on several factors (experience, man-power and so on). Try to get quotes from a few tradies to compare but its never wise to choose someone based on price alone. The old adage “you get what you pay for” is usually right.

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