Updating your bathroom on a budget

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Updating your Bathroom

Whether you’re doing a simple bathroom update or full bathroom renovation, there are many things that you can do, even if you’re working on a limited budget. With a little prudence, a common sense approach and some creativity, even the oldest or most uninviting bathroom can be revived.

A splash of paint

A fresh coat of paint can always breathe new life into any room, including the bathroom. As most bathrooms have minimal painted surfaces, its often a quick and budget friendly project to undertake.

Replace your taps and shower heads

Your taps and shower heads can add a certain elegance and dash of personal style. Chosen well, they very fittingly blend quality and style and make the space more vibrant, especially if your current ones are quite old!

You don’t necessarily have to go overboard, most plumbing supply stores offer a range of fixtures with varying styles and finishes to suit every budget.

Replace your shower curtain or glass screen

If your shower has a shower curtain, replacing it with a new one is a very quick and easy way to spruce things up. Plus, curtains tend to collect mould/mildew so unless you’re super vigilant with your cleaning; health wise this might be a good idea too!

Conversely if you have a glass screen that’s looking quite dated and has years of built up grime and mould; updating it with a clear, modern glass screen can make a huge difference.

bathroom renovations- riverina tradies

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Refresh your cabinets / vanity

First off, give your bathroom storage a good clean out; simply decluttering can help make an old space look better.

Then simple changes such as adding more storage/organisation, updating your handles, door knobs, hooks etc. can help modernise a dated bathroom.

bathroom renovations- riverina tradies

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Get a professional cleaner

This is often overlooked as a way to update your bathroom, but you would be surprised at the difference it can make! A professional cleaner can help remove years of built-up grime and soap scum and leave your bathroom looking like new again!

bathroom renovations- riverina tradies

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Adding some simple decor items can help improve the aesthetics of any space and with franchises like Kmart and the like offering trendy items at a budget friendly price you can’t go wrong!

Accessories could include flowers or plants (fake are practical but you can beat fresh!),  candles, a pretty stool by the bath, trendy towels and so on.

bathroom renovations- riverina tradies

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New Tiles and bathroom fixtures

Obviously this is not the cheapest option when updating your bathroom but a very good investment as it will add great value to your home.

Like everything; tiles and fixtures (toilets, baths, vanity’s etc.) vary in style and budget. With these items we strongly recommend hiring a professional tiler and/or plumber to replace these items. Plus you can utilise their experience and knowledge to help guide you in choosing products that will work well within the space and are within your budget.

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